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ITAR Compliance Policy

I. Scope

This document covers Kreischer Optics’ ITAR compliance policy for custom manufacture of loose optical components and simple sub-assemblies to domestic customers.
  • Kreischer Optics does not employ or have on premises on a regular basis, any foreign nationals. This document shall be revised prior to this situation changing.
  • Kreischer Optics does not do any design of ITAR restricted items. Any ITAR controlled items manufactured at Kreischer Optics will be done according to customer supplied specifications.
  • Kreischer Optics does not export ITAR controlled items. Export of ITAR controlled items is not covered by this document.
  • Kreischer Optics is reliant upon the customer to notify us if a product falls under ITAR control.
    • Kreischer Optics does not process unique capabilities or processes which do not exist outside the USA.
    • There is nothing inherent in the lens components and sub-assemblies themselves which Kreischer Optics produces to indicate that they are used in an ITAR controlled device.

II. Safeguards on ITAR controlled documents – Internal

  • All copies of ITAR controlled documents shall be so labeled across their face.
  • Restricted Access
    • When not in use, ITAR controlled documents shall be kept in a locked drawer accessible only to management level employees.
    • Any ITAR controlled documents in electronic format shall be stored only in a computer or electronic medium which is password controlled and accessible only by management level employees.
    • When in use (traveling with parts in process), drawings shall be kept in a manila folder labeled “ITAR Controlled” to prevent casual viewing by people without a “need to know”.
  • Working copies of drawings
    • For internal use during manufacturing, working copies of ITAR controlled drawings will be made which remove any information not needed by manufacturing.
      • Anti-reflection coating information
      • Next assembly level
      • End product designation

III. Safeguards on ITAR controlled documents – External

  • ITAR controlled documents will not be transmitted outside of Kreischer Optics without specific need.
  • Prior to transmitting ITAR controlled documents, the recipient will be contacted as to the ITAR restriction, and they must first agree to follow all ITAR guidelines with said documents.
  • Prior to transmitting documents, unnecessary information will be removed, such as next assembly level, etc.

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