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Returns Policy

Return of Goods
Notice of errors or defective material must be made in writing within thirty (30) days of receipt of goods, unless previous agreement has been made between both parties to extend this period. Buyer shall remain liable for invoice amount unless seller is notified in this manner. Our liability is limited to replacing the material or crediting the invoiced value of same upon receipt of goods returned.

All returned goods require an approved Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. When goods are returned, freight must be prepaid and the package must show the RMA number and original P.O. number.

Kreischer Optics, Ltd. reserves the right to refuse shipments sent without an RMA. No credit will be issued for orders received without an RMA. Kreischer Optics, Inc. will issue an RMA within 45 days of the invoice date under the following conditions:
  • Customer was shipped the incorrect part due to Kreischer Optics, Ltd. issuing wrong print for manufacturing. Incorrect prints issued by customers will be solely their responsibility.
  • The product failed to meet the agreed upon specifications for surface quality and material defects such as scratches, pits, digs, chips, and coating voids.
  • Dimensional tolerances such as center thickness, diameter, length, and width, will be deemed rejectable for longer periods, up to six months from receipt of product.
  • Customer has 35 days to return product once RMA has been issued.
Customer’s Material
Every effort will be made to handle customer’s material with due care. However, all such handling will be done at the customer’s risk and, to the extent Kreischer Optics, Ltd. is affirmatively liable, our liability is limited to the cost charged to customer for the value to have been added to the customer’s material.

General Liability
Limited to the amount of the invoice to Kreischer Optics, Ltd.

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