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In 1933, seventeen year-old Emil Kreischer designed and constructed his own telescope. He spent a grand total of $6 for various parts. His interest in optics drew him to work for Bell and Howell in the model shop during World War II. He then began Kreischer Optics in a one room apartment in Evanston, Illinois in 1948.


Cody Kreischer began young, mopping floors and cleaning the shop in fifth grade. By college, he had compiled years of manufacturing experience. After completing his Masters Degree at the University of Arizona's Optical Sciences Center with emphasis on lens design and optical testing, he began working as a Senior Engineer at Recon Optical in Barrington, Illinois. In 1987 Cody took over as President of Kreischer Optics Ltd., building the company to become one of the most respected manufacturers of custom glass lenses in the country before his death in 2017. SPIE article about Cody: https://spie.org/about-spie/press-room/spie-member-news/memoriam-cody-kreischer?wt.mc_id=MMBRNEWSE&SSO=1

Tina Kreischer is the current CEO, working together with a dream team of talented Master Opticians to remain the preferred world leader and continue the grand legacy of Kreischer Optics just ready to begin our 70th year.

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